Mobile Payment Landscape Europe - Will there be an API driven industry consolidation?

Written by
Steven Jacob
Francesco Burelli
Steven Jacob
Francesco Burelli

Short Summary

The European mobile payment landscape has been evolving over the last fifteenyears and mobile payments now prevail in Northern European countries, while thecrowded market moves towards consolidation.However, mobile payment providers are yet to offer services on a pan-Europeanlevel. The European Payment Initiative (EPI) aims to remedy this by building anew payment scheme from scratch.If its ambitions are fully achieved, it is likely to compete with all domestic mobilepayment solutions and the future of mobile payments in Europe will very muchdepend on how the EPI evolves.Hence, in this article, we analyse existing European mobile payments,1 considerhow EPI may affect the landscape, and present four possible scenarios that European mobile payments providers should consider.

Mobile Payment Landscape Europe